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Why use a disposable tableware?

The plastic containers for food have become in the utensils of presentation and transport of food more economics, hygienics and resistant. The raw material for make them have lightness of forms, facility of print, good chemical inertness and adequate mechanical strength.

The advantage more significative is the hygiene, being this the reason of it origen, avoiding like this potential sources of disease transmission.
Other of the advantages, being very near of the hygiene, is the economy, noticing a great saving in water, light, detergent,etc. Contribute to the environment without spending natural resources, how is the case of the paper tableware. However, the plastic tableware are completely recyclable, throwing these products in the right container and the material being used again.

It is products very practical for parties, birthdays, events,etc… where the volume of people is high, giving the comfort of pick it up everything in a few minutes.

A part in places like beaches, swimming pools,the mountain, the countryside,etc… is more advantage than for example glass tableware because if they break they can cut or even, if you do not pick up, with the heat, can originate fires for the called “magnifying effect”.

There is nothing that can replace the single-use plastic tableware with the same benefits.

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