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GALLEGOPLAST, S.L. is a modern and innovative family business founded in 2003 based in Lebrija, Seville.
We are dedicated to the manufacture of reusable and 100% recyclable tableware for food use under the CAMPISOL trademark.
Our brand produces more than 120 million pieces per year, including glasses, plates, bowls and cutlery, in different formats and sizes. We are also distributors of other products such as trays or doilies with a large stock that allows us to serve our customers quickly and personally.
GALLEGOPLAST, S.L. is currently one of the largest manufacturers of cutlery and cutlery sets nationwide.
Fábrica Campisol

Speed delivery, personalized service and quality



Since our beginnings, the CAMPISOL brand has been present for the best moments of every family, birthday party, celebration, party and concert… accompanying our customers in their moments of joy, as well as on shelves throughout Europe.
Along the way, we have adapted our products and our processes, focusing on the search for a safer and more sustainable tomorrow for our customers and our environment.
Every day, we work to offer the best version of our products. Products that are safe, reusable, 100% recyclable and of certified quality under health registration no. 39.003295/SE.

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