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GALLEGOPLAST expands its foam range again with the 8 oz cup.
From GALLEGOPLAST,S.L. want to inform about the FOAM range,better known as coffee cups to go. These disposable cups support both cold and heat without the cup or the flavor of the contents being modified.

Since four years we bet for this new line of thermal cups with lid,being the only national manufacturers. And due to the interest in the contstan development and improvement of our services and the demand of our customers, we incorporate to our range the 8 oz cup. Adapting to the need of our customers to be manufacturers.

This cup of expanded polystyrene continues to have the same quality of the range, with a capacity of 228 cc and a height of 97 mm with an upper and lowe diamteter of 75 mm and 44,7 mm, respectively.

As we did the 10 oz and 12 oz cups, being their lid the same, in the case of 8 oz have the same that 7 oz. Being this facility and comfort for our customers in their stocks.

The complete FOAM range is 4 oz, 7 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz and 12 oz. Covering these measurements the needs of consumers such as the 4 oz cup for the coffee alone, 7 oz for cut coffee, 8 oz for coffee with milk and both 10 oz and 12 oz for long coffees. Also, they can be used for cold drinks how refreshments, hail, cold tea, etc. Being these measurements the most used.

Always basing us in the service, quality and hygiene.

If you are interest or want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us:


Soon we expand another new production line.

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