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Campisol will increase its range of foam cups

This company located Lebrija is the only Spanish manufacturer of foam cups with lid of expanded polystyrene of an only use, very used for hot drinks how it is the coffee.

Campisol produce 120 million of pieces per year, between cups, plates y bowls, in different formats and sizes.. Campisol is distributor of others products like cutlery, trays or paper lace. It stock allows attend the orders of quick way. In the last year it billing has exceeded the 3 million euros.

Three years ago, campisol owners hit with a new release, the thermal cups of FOAM with lid, very used for keep hot drinks, like the coffee, to American mode.. It is about of disposable containers make with expanded polystyrene, of great thickness and little weight, and very difficult to break. << The FOAM cup has opened the doors of many new customers. We are the only Spanish manufacturers of this product and we want follow extended our range with more formats because the customers are demanding us tubs and bowls>>, advance Luis María Gómez (owner of Gallegoplast company)

Campisol have a factory of 4.000 square meter in Lebrija, in which 18 employers. For assume the new productions, the company has experienced a great technology evolution and It has incorporated machine of last generation.
Their products are sold in all the national territory – through of wholesalers, supermarkets or warehouses of drinks- and they are also exported to countries like Israel, Holland, France and Portugal.. This sales in the exterior represent almost 15% of the turnover of GALLEGOPLAST.

Source: ABCdeSevilla

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